Luxury day spa in-room treatments

Holidays are all about relaxation, and what better way to relax than to spoil yourself! facial

Coastal Holiday Rentals understand the importance of relaxation, and the need to wind down and pamper yourself. When was the last time you truly had time to yourself, and enjoyed the simple things in life? Being over-worked and over stressed can make you feel run down and tired. Every now an then, we need to remind ourselves to slow down, and to treat ourselves. It’s important to celebrate a little ‘me’ time and re-charge the batteries.

For the ultimate holiday indulgence, Coastal Holiday Rentals can assist you in finding the perfect in-room luxury day spa treatment, helping to revitalise body and mind. Coastal Holiday Rentals can bring in-room luxury day spa services to you, offering you complete comfort and privacy. We can help assist you in finding the perfect ‘pick me up’ spa treatment, including massages, body treatments, facials, manicures, pedicures, spray tanning, professional make-up and more!

Do you have a tired, sore body, or are you carrying around tension in your neck, shoulders or back? Focusing on improving circulation and easing tension, we can offer you a range of massage services including Swedish relaxation massage, deep tissue/remedial massage, aromatherapy and reflexology massages, pregnancy relaxation massage, lymphatic draining and sports massages. There is no need to be aching any more- especially when you’re on holiday! Revitalise yourself with any of these relaxing massages. Your body will thank you!

foot spaDo you want silky, smooth skin? Why not pamper yourself and indulge in a range of body treatments, leaving you feeling energised while revealing radiant, glowing skin. Body treatments available include dry body brushing, oceanic body polish, aroma body wrap and detoxifying full-body clay wrap. For beautiful fresh, glowing skin, treat yourself to an organic facial. How invigorating! You will feel like a brand new you!

Can’t decide which spa treatment you want? You don’t have to! There’s a range of luxury treatment packages to choose from, so you can feel fabulous all over! To have a look at the full range of luxury day spa treatments we have available, click HERE.


Holidays are all about relaxing and taking time off to re-charge your batteries. When you’re booking your next holiday with Coastal Holiday Rentals, be nice to yourself and also book in a luxury spa treatment too. You know you deserve it! Contact Coastal Holiday Rentals to book your luxury spa treatments now!

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