Tips for holidaying with young children Gold Coast

1. Choose your accommodation carefully

Selecting the right Gold Coast accommodation for you and your family is important, do your research well and find out what family friendly facilities are on offer. Some Gold Coast Resorts are more child friendly than others and provide extras such as kids-only swimming pools, games rooms, kids clubs and even onsite baby-sitting services. Always ask if you are in doubt to ensure you select the most suitable accommodation for you and your family.

The Gold Coast is Australia number 1 holiday destination, if you are travelling during the school holidays, Easter or Christmas break ensure you book well in advance to get the best selection of family friendly accommodation.

2. Select the right location

Ask yourself- are there plenty of things to do and see where you will be staying? Make sure you investigate the location well before you book your accommodation. Have a look at online maps to get a good idea of where the property is located within the Gold Coast. Are you close to local shops and attractions? If you are not hiring a rental car ensure everything you and your family will need is within easy walking distance.

Don’t forget to check out where the local nightclubs and pubs are located, if you’re on a family holiday you don’t want to be stuck right in the middle of the nightclub scene where young backpackers come to party at all hours of the night.

3. Safety is important

Balconies and young children can be a real issue. Book through an accommodation provider who will let you know in advance the exact room type you will be staying in before you arrive. A 35th floor apartment may not be ideal for families with very young children; you may wish to opt for a ground floor apartment instead. Make sure you ask your accommodation provider about locks on balcony doors (i.e what height are they situated at) to give you peace of mind during your stay.

4. When to stay

Make a shortlist of possible family holiday destinations within the Gold Coast region and do some research to find out when would be an ideal time to travel. This will of course depend on the season at your destination, whether it is a peak time to travel and how the timing fits into your family’s schedule. Look into what local events may be on during your proposed travel dates (such as Indy and Schoolies which are not ideal events for families).

Remember that some Gold Coast beaches do not have lifeguards in place at all times during the year so this is another thing to keep in mind if you plan on hitting the surf.

5. Kids Entertainment

Young children are not going to appreciate a quiet afternoon in on the couch reading a book, even though mum and dad might! To ensure you get to enjoy some R & R too check what in room facilities are available. Is there Pay TV? If not, check if there is a DVD player so you can pack some of their favourite programs to watch for those afternoons when you feel like some quiet time.

Check with your agent because some self-contained properties also offer a selection of kids toys, bikes, board games and books, check beforehand so you know exactly what to pack!

6. Additional Items

Bringing all the accessories required for travelling with children is not always possible. Check before deciding on your accommodation if there are items such as portacots, highchairs, strollers etc available for hire to make your stay run smoothly. Coastal Holiday Rentals has an excellent selection of hire items available click here)

7. Keeping the Kids Happy

Bored and restless kids can quickly make you wish you’d just stayed at home – here are some quick tips to keep them happy!

– For your first family trip away if you’re unsure of what to expect, take baby steps and opt for somewhere to home closer like a drive up the coast or try a farm stay weekend as a practice run. This will better equip you for longer trips with the kids and give you more confidence for your next family holiday especially if it involves taking the whole family on a long flight.

– For longer trips in the car or plane it’s a good idea to carry a supply of healthy snacks satisfy little tummies quickly when needed

– Get your children excited about their Gold Coast trip. If they’re nervous about flying then show them how exciting it can be; show them on a map where you’re going to be going and point out fun landmarks and destinations you’re going to be visiting e.g. Movie World

– Kids love cameras! Invest in a kid-proof camera (these are generally very cheap from your local electronics store or chemist) and watch them take photos of everything and anything! Just don’t forget extra film or batteries

– Pack their favourite toys or comfort items from home to avoid home sickness, familiar items can make their first holiday away less stressful

– Stick to their daily routine as much as possible, every parent knows disruptions can make them unsettled

– When packing for a family luggage space can become an, opt for inexpensive colouring books, crayons or puzzles so you can always ditch these if there’s a need to make room for new found treasures along the way

We hope this has been of some assistance to you.

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