Top 5 reasons to book self contained accommodation over hotel rooms!

Here are our top 5 reasons to book a self-contained property over of a hotel room;

1. Space

If you a travelling with a family or group of people you are not going to enjoy your stay crammed into a small hotel room. Yes you can book additional rooms but at a “per room, per night” price the cost is going to quickly add up! With self-contained holiday accommodation you can select from a variety of sizes, styles and holiday homes that are often much bigger than your average hotel room so you have enough space to spread out and relax. Apartments and units generally range from 1 to 3 or 4 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 10 or more guests comfortably.

2. Privacy

You will have much more privacy in a self-contained property compared to a hotel room as they often feature good separation of living and bedroom areas compared to the open plan lay out of a compact hotel room.

3. Amenities & Convenience

Many holiday self-contained properties include other conveniences that the owners themselves use during their stay including, large TV’s, DVD players, game tables, BBQ’s, extra kitchen utilities etc. They commonly also have extra features such as a washing machine and dryer which offers more convenience for guests wishing to do their own laundry whist on holiday.

4. Save Money

Ranging in size from 1 bedroom apartment to a 5 bedroom home with an average of two full bathrooms, self-contained holiday rentals are priced well below typical hotel rates. When calculated on a per room or per person basis and considering all the “extras” you would have to pay in a hotel, it is significantly cheaper. With self-contained accommodation kitchens are fully equipped with a stove, refrigerator/freezer, and all the normal cooking utensils together with the right number of glasses, knives and forks, plates, cups, and so on, you will also be able to prepare meals in house which can significantly reduce the cost of your food and drink expenses.

5. Satisfaction

Many holiday rentals are located in popular resort complex’s that extended their offerings to also include such things as miniature golf courses, onsite restaurants, shops, spa services, wireless intranet and children’s activity centre’s.

When researching your next holiday make sure you consider the benefits listed above of self-contained accommodation to make your stay more enjoyable, convenient and cost effective!

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