Choosing a Gold Coast Holiday Rental

gold coast holiday rentalsLooking for a Gold Coast Holiday Rental? There are many things to keep in mind when shopping around for the best holiday rental to suit your needs and thanks to the internet, doing your research online makes things a whole lot easier!

One of the first things you should consider is your requirements, what is the purpose of your trip and what is going to suit you best? Are you travelling with friends, family, as a couple or even alone? It’s probably best to determine this first so you know exactly what type of Gold Coast Holiday Rental to look for. Which property is for you will depend on how many people you need to accommodate which in turn can help you quickly determine if you should be searching for a 1 bedroom apartment or 5 bedroom holiday home. This will save you a lot of time when searching for your perfect Gold Coast holiday rental online!

If you’re travelling as a couple your needs will be very different compared to a family, so when looking and comparing your options ask yourself do you have adequate privacy to cater to your needs? Look at the images of the property, this should give you a good indication as to what their target market is. If you see a kids club and games room advertised chances are it’s not going to be suitable for a romantic weekend away- especially during school holiday periods. If you’re a family with small children choosing a Holiday Rental on the Gold Coast that advertises romantic escape packages and a quiet secluded location is probably a good hint it’s not a property suitable for families.

Then comes the single most important factor- budget. When looking for your ideal Gold Coast holiday rental work out your budget first, this will save you from falling in love with your ideal holiday rental only to find it’s way out of your price range. Decide on this first before your start looking, as most websites will have a price range listed for the particular accommodation advertised.

Who doesn’t like a bargain or saving a couple of dollars here and there? To get the most out of your budget when booking your next Gold Coast holiday rental keep an eye out for websites that offer discounts or have current promotions running. Some websites will have a specials page which will list great deals that can often save you as much as 40%! Keep in mind that almost all holiday rentals on the Gold Coast don’t have the same pricing all year around so decide on your dates next, if you can travel during low season you can save a lot of money! During this time you will probably find you can not only save on your accommodation but also on airfares, attractions and day trips as specials are often introduced during these times when there are not as many visitors on the Gold Coast.

Now, short list 3 properties that fit all of your above requirements then make some comparisons. Does the Holiday Rental have a pool? Is it usable? Is it heated? These are just a small example of some questions you should ask before making a decision and paying a deposit.

No one wants to pay top dollar for holiday rental accommodation only to find it looks nothing like what was advertised before they booked, so make sure you see a good range of pictures of the exact property before you lock anything in. Ensure you compare the exact same room types, as it is often seen that the lowest rate for a standard room is advertise, yet display photos are of their premium property. To avoid disappointment and ensure you get exactly what you asked and paid for.

Once you think you have found the perfect Gold Coast Holiday Rental that fits all your requirements, do some more research! There are many websites that offer reviews from guests that have actually stayed before such as trip adviser. Read through those carefully and even contact some past happy guests and ask which holiday rental it was that they booked during their stay on the Gold Coast.

Location is so important and can make or break your Gold Coast holiday, so make sure you research the exact address of the holiday rental you’re considering before you book. If the address is not listed on their website call the accommodation provider and ask. Have a look online at its location, what’s nearby? Does it fit all your requirements? If you’re planning a holiday close to the beach and not hiring a car, you want to make sure it’s within walking distance to shops, restaurants, public transport etc.

Finally, when you’re ready to book your Gold Coast holiday rental ask all the required questions regarding the reservation process including how much deposit is required, when is the remainder due, the cancellation policy, how you can make payment etc. Remember, you may find a cheaper price advertised elsewhere but make sure you ask if there are any extras involved. Some providers that offer Gold Coast Holiday Rentals do not include everything in your nightly rate, for example, there may be additional booking, credit card and/or cleaning fees which all quickly add up.

One last tip- Make sure you’re dealing with a professional and registered provider especially when booking on-line! Never give our your credit card details to a unsecure website.

Happy planning, if we can be of any assistance while looking for your next Gold Coast holiday rental please feel free to contact us here!

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